Pebley Beach is a local business that has been in the Swindon area for over 80 years.  More recently in West Swindon Motor Park since 2011 and in Cirencester since 2001.

Because the car sales are so high, we needed large premises (in Swindon 17 car showroom).


Large showroom = large workshop


The previous occupiers had less reliable cars than our brands so the workshop is enormous.... actually too big for our Hyundai & Suzuki brands.


Most people recognise Pebley Beach as the Hyundai & Suzuki dealers, and this causes us a small problem.  Why would you take your Ford/Vauxhall/Fiat/etc to a Hyundai or Suzuki dealer - so we had to address it.

So we made a decision to create - this caters for our non- Hyundai/Suzuki customers.


High levels of customer service, that you would expect from a Franchised Dealer.  Highly trained staff and excellent facilities.... but at independent garage prices.