When jump-starting a dead battery, be sure to wear proper eye protection before you start. Inspect both the dead battery and the battery you're going to jump from. If either looks damaged, DO NOT attempt the jumpstart procedure. Also be sure the vent caps are secure. 


To begin:

  • Make certain the vehicles are not touching and both ignition switches are turned to OFF
  • Connect positive booster cable to positive terminal of the dead battery
  • Connect the other end of the positive cable to the positive terminal of the live battery
  • Connect negative cable to negative terminal of the live battery
  • Make final connection of negative cable to the engine block (away from the battery) of the car with the dead battery. (This is done because the dead battery could be emitting flammable gas. This final connection is away from the battery so if there are any sparks, they won't cause an explosion.)
  • Start vehicle and remove cables in reverse order