Under- or over-inflation of tyres can: 

  • cause uneven tread wear
  • weaken your tires
  • reduce traction
  • impact fuel economy
  • reduce the number of miles you get out of your tyres

Eventually, you could have inconvenient flats or even dangerous blowouts. Over-inflation means the weight of your vehicle is not distributed evenly across the entire tread but is instead concentrated on a thin strip in the center. Under-inflation means the tyre is soft and the outside edges work harder than the softer center. The extra rolling resistance makes your vehicle work harder to move and it reduces gas mileage.

Be sure to check your tyre pressure regularly and maintain the recommended pressure listed in your vehicle's owner's manual. You can usually find this recommended pressure on a drivers door pillar or in the glove compartment.

Each of your tyres will wear differently due to its position and the type of vehicle you own. So to get tyres to wear evenly, remember to balance and rotate your tyres according to manufacturer's recommendations.

To check tread wear, use "the penny trick":

  1. Insert a penny into the tread groove with Queens face showing, but with her head side ways.
  2. If you can see any of the text ont he side of the coin, your tread is getting low. 
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