Before we tell you about it...

When we carry out an airc on sevice, we do it in two parts:

  1. Carry out bacterial cleanse £24.99
  2. We then check to ensure that the temperature drops to  recommended amount.  If it does, no re-gas required, if it doesn't well carry out a complete re-gas/recharge.

NB IF YOU HEAR RADIO ADVERTS "If the temperature does not drop by more than 10% you will not be charged. Ask yourself - 10% of 21° (70°F) is only 2.1° - On a hot day it should drop by 8° or more.

This simple barrier of accordion-folded paper may look insignificant but it's responsible for providing clean air to your vehicle's cylinders.

This is important because air is just as crucial as fuel in the combustion process that powers the engine. Air is drawn through the air filter, then the air intake manifold and into the cylinders. There, it mixes with fuel to create the small explosions that power your vehicle.

A dirty air filter prevents the cylinders from drawing in enough air, and throws off the fuel/air mix. This can result in poor fuel economy.